"Bindi" by Dr Franky Dolan

Protecting Us with a Mother’s Love

I am Bindi. As my eyes close, my third eye begins to see. I kiss the tip of my finger and point to the stars. The wet of my lips create a bond to hold a star, which calls my name. She calls me mother. I pull my hand back down and there my third eye can see the child who will now begin inside of me. She enters between my eyes, lighting imagination; gliding down my throat, she inspires song; she drips into my heart, stirring the milk to supple my breasts; and finally she lands in my soul, that place where I felt her all along.

She entered spirit through my eyes, and she exits body through my thighs. I nurse her and call her my own. One day she will leave me, but she is never alone. She must make room for her brother in the sky. Don't look too far son, for I am always right by.

When they call for me, I will come running, for a mother's power is ever so stunning. Stand high my children, on the shoulders of those before you. Never stop loving, and know that mother will always adore you.

I am Bindi, and I am the mother for all. When you need me, point to the stars and call.


-Dimensions: 16x20 Inches
-Original masterpiece art with separate printed story
-Legal Certificate Of Authenticity, signed by the artist
-Custom fine art packaging for upgraded UPS and USPS Priority shipping


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