Chronically Ill Artist Channels Angel Love Warriors, A Message For The World

July 27, 2017

Chronically Ill Artist Channels Angel Love Warriors, A Message For The World

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Love Warriors. Unite.

One of the greatest things about Fae Factory, is all of the stories that we hear from passionate art collectors around the world. My partner and I are very forthcoming about our personal experiences with illness, tragedy and triumph. We never knew how much our honesty would inspire others to be vulnerably honest about their own experiences as well. It is the most wonderful gift from being a professional artist. All the stories...

One particular day, Fae Factory was contacted by a woman with a big spirit and lots of enthusiasm for my art. When I was presented the letter, there was something extremely unique about this woman. I felt something stirring, something coming. She told us that as a teenager, she completely lost her eyesight. Often when people lose something in their physical or emotional health, a different part of them gets stronger. If we are open to it, our intuition usually becomes highly in-tuned. So much so, that even new spiritual beliefs can form. When pressed through great suffering, we evolve. We discover things that we could not understand before. We see what we are made of, and we find a new self emerging. And this enthusiastic woman was no exception to this rule. After twelve surgeries and transplants, she regained some eyesight! Now, she lives with art as a healing force, and carries a deep passion for true spiritual gifts in this world. She felt that a painting needed to be created, and that I was just the person to create it. 

I was honored, and graciously accepted the challenge of painting her an angelic masterpiece. The piece was to show a powerful female warrior angel, emerging into our world. Accompanied by Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel, they were to be laden in armor and swords. I was entrusted to use my artistic and spiritual skills to depict the message on canvas. So there I was, meditating over the blank cotton cloth, beginning to feel these beings pushing forward. Yes, she felt real. She and her fellow angels. They were ready to make their message heard. 

Art has the power to heal the deepest wounds; pain so deep, that it goes from physical to spiritual. When it gets that deep, then the way to heal is to come from a spiritual angle. So, these angels were quite apropos. I spent every day for weeks adding layers and layers of texture. I built up intricate sculpting details that can be touched, all along the lines of where the shapes and colors would eventually end up. The thing about colors is when you mix them, they can become muddy and dull very easily, especially when you involve a multitude of them. Then, add the component of layers -not just mixing- colors on top of each other. With each layer, I have to be aware of the next intended layer and how they will all interact. It is an extremely delicate dance. One that lasts the entire time that you are working on your soon-to-be masterpiece. This painting dance lasted hundreds of hours. 

I realized that everything that we learn leads to this very moment. We are more equipped every day that we age. There is such power in aging, we really need to embrace it more. Today, we are strong because of yesterday. And tomorrow, we will be stronger. Even when we cry and fall, we are still growing and evolving. All that being said, we need others to help us get through the darkest days sometimes. This painting is a symbol of that, letting us know that there are others who will fight for our love, and our humanity.

Every single piece that I create is a spiritual experience for me. One with strong visions and purpose. Every single time. Along with the visual messages that I meditate on and pull through, I also receive poetic stories for each piece. The final result was filled with such rich color layers and thick touchable textures. So even someone who could barely see with their eyes, or unable to see at all in fact, could touch it and really feel the lines and emotions. This piece was made to be touched, and therefore seen, on many sensory levels. The painting stands four feet tall, and really feels like a passageway for these beings to come though. 

So without further ado, I introduce to you, the Angel Love Warriors...

Armor and swords, and determined expressions came through the sadness. Is this violence? Is it hurtful? No, not at all. It is in fact standing up to the violence and hurt, all for the sake of peaceful love. A female warrior’s face. And then the aching expression of Gabriel. Finally, Michael arrives with a beautiful masculinity. Here to fight for love, for us all. Three angels, covered in color, covered in light. A female warrior angel leading the way. They are here to fight for everything good. They will not stop until love reigns victoriously.
All poets, lovers, artists and healers, come together and do our part for good. I began painting layers of soul, adding mediums, and dyes. Splashes flung from my fingers, fighting for love alongside these angels. Unite, great warriors of love. We are a powerful world of people, animals and endless living things. We can make beauty just by loving each other, respecting and supporting our wondrous differences. We have made it this long, we can make it even longer. Let’s lift our spirits and come together in a radical fight for peace. What a fascinating irony, because once everyone on earth can feel true love, then the fight will be over. We will have won. Lead with love, and love will always win. ...Angel Love Warriors. Unite.

Sending Love,

Dr Franky Dolan 

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