Corinne Segura

June 06, 2020

Corinne Segura

Each year, we at Invisible Diseases honor extraordinary survivors, who go out of their way to raise awareness and hope for others, despite their own suffering. An Invisible Diseases Visible Hero is a unique person who selflessly helps people, without prejudice, without judgment. Only a valiant and generous heart toward all people, all cultures and lifestyles, living with invisible diseases and ailments the world cannot easily see. A true hero will help all in need… 

Meet Corinne Segura. She lived with extreme Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and realized that she needed to live in a totally non-toxic environment if she was going to live the healthiest and most productive life possible. So she set out to build a truly chemical-free tiny house for herself. Not an easy task!  

Corinne began researching and pulling together resources to access as much knowledge that she could about toxicities in our homes and daily lives. 


In Corinne’s own words: 

“I had extreme chemical and mold sensitivities when I first set out to build a chemical-free tiny house. The research and testing of those materials is what sparked the creation of my work. I wanted to make that information that was difficult to find available online.” - Corinne Segura


She not only made it available, she now shares it freely on her website,, and on her YouTube channel as well. And people really responded! More and more, she was asked to share her tips and tricks, and valuable knowledge about chemicals and living environments. 

Corinne took her passionate mind, and her compassionate heart, and started a consulting business for chemical-free homes. She became a certified Building Biologist Practitioner and now shares her life-changing chemical-free tips, testing results and real-life experiences through her website and her YouTube channel. 


Corinne’s Guiding Philosophy:

“I use hard science to investigate in detail what companies aren’t telling us about what’s in a product… I don’t believe in the bucket theory, but rather the master toxin theory. I’ve been closely studying recovery stories for 10 years. The pattern I have seen and experienced is that when we avoid the mater toxins (mold certainly being the biggest one but not the only one), that the body will tell you what to avoid in order to heal.” - Corinne Segura


She helps people every day to live deeper and healthier lives in their homes. Please join us in honoring this amazing woman! Be sure to also check out her website and her incredibly helpful YouTube channel! 


…Corinne Segura, Invisible Diseases 2020 Visible Hero!


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