Jasmine Szantyr

June 06, 2018

Jasmine Szantyr

Jasmine is an impassioned woman, using her own life experiences to lift others through her very honest blog and social media posts. Many people have found strength and comfort from her personal stories of self-survival. See what she has to say, in her own words...

I’ll start with a disclaimer—I think my blog name may be a little misleading. I am not here to pill shame and would never promote doing so.  I understand that drug-free is a luxury that most of us cannot financially or physically afford.  In all honesty, I became Drug-free Spoonie because I didn’t have a choice.  I went undiagnosed for a little over 2 years, which is said to be average for people with Lyme.  During that time my health was slowly deteriorating, but since I didn’t have a diagnosis I could not be treated or prescribed with anything.  I started doing research and treated my symptoms holistically.

In my research I found some of the possible dangers of long term prescription drugs and exposure to chemicals. I realized that if I wanted to live my best life I needed to make a lot of changes.  I also started switching to natural products in my home, including toxin-free beauty and self-care.  It is far from easy, and because of that I decided to share my journey with the world.  

January 2016 I was bit by something (which I now believe was a tick).  I never got it checked out because it was winter and I hadn’t spent much time outside so I assumed it was a spider bite or something like that.  A few months later I started having flu like symptoms and those symptoms never went away.  Some days were worse than others but overall my symptoms progressed.  I had been tested for Lyme but it was negative, so I was referred to a rheumatologist. I jumped around to a few different doctors after being told it was a mental health issue, food allergy, etc.  In this time my symptoms took over my life.  I had to give up a career that I loved and was successful in. I lost many friends and became distant from family.  I was in too much pain and had far too much fatigue to spend time doing things that I love.  I decided that if I wanted to get better I needed to do research and be an advocate for myself.

April 13th 2018, the doctor called with my diagnosis: Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, Q-fever, Candida, Mycoplasma Pnuemoniae & Epstein Barr.  The doctor’s appointment and tests needed to get this information were almost $1500 to POSSIBLY get a formal Lyme diagnosis (and I do have insurance). I had multiple doctors believe I have Lyme and co-infections but of course the test was always negative. To put into perspective why I though the risk is worth it, my previous diagnosis was Chronic Reactivating Epstein Barr, and 2 years & 6 doctors later (including 11 ER visits) no one had helped me.  This is something that occurs with many people with Lyme, as the test commonly used is not accurate and many doctors believe the Lyme cannot be chronic.

This is why awareness and advocating is so important.  Not only do I share my story to help those who are looking to live a more “natural” lifestyle, but to raise awareness about the dangers of Lyme and the trials and tribulations of those who are diagnosed late stage. If I had this information when I was bitten, I would probably be in remission now.  If I am able to help even one person recognize that they may have been bitten by a tick, it would be a dream come true.  

Everyone keeps saying they’re “sorry” to hear about my results, but I am RELIEVED. The moral of my story is to never give up.  You know your body more than anyone and the best way to get answers is to be an advocate for yourself. Always speak up and be honest about your symptoms despite negative feedback. It may have taken me two years to get here, but now I’m on the road to remission. 


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