Your Spirit Guide Angel {SEE VIDEOS} Wall Sculpture, by Fae Factory spiritual Artist Dr Franky Dolan (custom clay relief & canvas painting)


See 'Winged Warrior' video here:

See 'Bindi' video here:

See 'Purple Heart' video here:

Dr Franky Dolan is a deeply connected spiritual teacher and artist, who channels messages and images through his artistic creations. Order for yourself or for someone you know who needs the reminder that they are loved, and never ever fully alone. Franky taps into spirit guides and angels, and they show themselves through various symbols, shapes and colors. He then sculpts and paints several layers of intuitive images onto a gallery wrapped canvas until a figure emerges.

Franky is a master color composer. He layers paints and mediums to allow the piece to actually change color ever so slightly, depending on the time of day or the angle of light. These are pure magic in person...This listing is for your own custom one-of-a-kind wall sculpture. Some of the pieces pictured above have been sold to various collectors, some are still available. The photos in this listing serve as an example of the mood and aesthetic of the Spirit Guide or Angel Wall Sculptures. No two pieces will ever be exactly replicated.

It will take anywhere from approximately 2 - 12 weeks to create a hand-made Wall Sculpture, depending on overall size and details. The colors and shapes can be your decision, still in this Fae Factory style, by Dr Franky Dolan. Many other sizes and options are available. ~

We have many currently AVAILABLE pieces as well, which can be found in our Wall Sculptures section of this shop. See those art works here:

Fae Factory Wall Sculptures are hand sculpted 3D spiritual portraits, capturing the exact moment of ethereal beings emerging from another world into ours. These unique masterpieces provide spiritual protection and positive manifestations for the people and places that keep them. Each comes with beautiful ethereal messages. These are so powerful, you can feel their comforting presence every time that you walk by. See the masterful details. Note the finger strokes and rhythms in every sculpted piece. Each is a treasured one of a kind masterpiece of mind and spirit. People speak of these majestic creations totally enhancing the energy of their entire home or office the moment they arrive. Which ones call to you now? Listen to your spirit and reach for the one that pulls you closest. These are beyond art, they are beautiful experiences.

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We can set up payment plans for those who prefer to spread their payments over time. If you have a specific budget in mind for commissions, we can usually find customizations that work within your financial scope. Please feel free to let us know your needs, and we will happily work with you.

All of this art is the culmination of a man who became bedridden and housebound for many years. Hours upon hours were spent alone and painfully ill, leaving the mind with only one option for survival. Franky went into a daily monk-like meditation, every single day for years. Overwhelming visions and messages were so strong, he could barely contain them in his body. So his partner, Randy, brought him paints and clay one day, and said, "create your visions."

With no formal art training, Franky looked down at his hands, and began to sculpt and paint these psychic impressions, all from his bed or even on the floor. From this, they started, and use the sales of the various art creations to support treatment, outreach and advocacy. This art is more than just art; to Randy Ordonio and Dr Franky Dolan, it is life. â€_Thank you for your support, and please, join the magic!

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