"Musical Pendant Necklace" by Dr Franky Dolan

Musical Pendants are Dr Franky Dolan’s own signature creations. He is the original artist who created this one of a kind style, and is legally able to reproduce it. These Fae Factory Musical Pendants are featured in the international Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine, with rave reviews.

“I wanted to create the ultimate jewelry art experience. So, I brought antique jewelry pieces to life with the sound of music, and displayed it over the heart. I captured the historical romance of a music box, and sprinkled it with jewels. ...You can actually feel the vibrational sounds of love, tenderness and passion in your chest as you turn the delicate handle. There is nothing quite so striking to all the senses, as a Fae Factory Musical Pendant. A true work of art that begins through the eyes, travels through the ears, and hits the soul.” 

~ Dr Franky Dolan

THIS TALISMAN: 'Musical Pendant'
Legend says that beautiful sounds of a music box are like playful ecstasy to the tiny Fae people. If you ever want to make friends with a faerie, play a music box in your home and let the sounds dance about your room. Soon enough, a faerie will join in. This is a sculptural art piece, made to be displayed on your desktop, your wall, or of course, on your body! This incredibly unique art allows you to actually wear, and feel, music as it twinkles atop your own skin! Truly breathtaking.

Song: "The Sound of Music"
Pendant Size: 3.5" x 2"
Chain: 19" metal chain with sterling silver clasp
Components: Antique watch pieces; Swarovski crystals; silver solder (lead free); antique rhinestone vines, sterling silver clasp