"HORSE & BUGGY" Music Box Installation By Dr Franky Dolan

ABOUT THIS PIECE, "Horse & Buggy":
This beautiful little room in a box is decorated with miniature treasures that faeries might find to make their own little rooms. Antique bits and pieces with jewelry findings create the perfect ambiance to fill with the old music box sounds. The song that twinkles aloud is "Some Day My Prince Will Come" from Sleeping Beauty. Put this little Faerie room in your own room, and you will be inviting the little sweet Fae people. As a thank you, they will leave tiny blessings around your entire home. This is a perfect fit for someone who needs a few more magical wishes floating about their life.

Once you gently flip up the door of this solid wood box, you will see the beautiful little horse and carriage scene. The silver patina horse piece is an antique metal toy. A road of real marble cobblestone beckons the horse to venture away. The back wall is covered is blue green embroidered fabric, very soft to the touch. Large blue Swarovski crystals pose as water for the horse to drink within the tiny little metal finding. Above it all is the crystal-laden music movement, hypnotic to turn and watch it move.

This magical masterpiece is extremely well built, with the most passionate of care and artistry. A true wonder for the lucky owner to have forever, never to be recreated again. This is the only one of its kind in the world. ~ Play it, and just watch the magic manifest!

-Song played is "Some Day My Prince Will Come"
-When opened, this box measures 5.25 inches left to right, and 6.75 inches tall.
-When closed, the box is 3 inches deep.
-Certificate Of Authenticity, signed by the artist
-Components: antique toy horse and buggy, marble cobblestones, silk fabric, Swarovski crystals, metal bin, crystal and metal streetlight, solid wooden box, musical movement