Mourning {SEE VIDEO} Matted Fine Art Paper Gallery Print of Original Painting by Fae Factory Artist Dr Franky Dolan (Fine Art Wall Print)

By Disabled Visionary Artist, Dr Franky Dolan, EdDâ€_



A woman has lost her babies. They left her to be with the angels in the sky. The woman is overwrought by grief and a loneliness that can only be described as hell inside her body. She traveled to the mountains to be closer to heaven, in hopes that her babies can hear her when she cries for them. Climbing on rocks, pulling on grasses and hoisting herself to the highest peak, she has made it to what she believes to be the top of the world. Can she reach her children? Can she find them again? She looks down to her arms and sees that they are empty. So she sings to them, hoping that she has traveled close enough for them to hear her.

What she does not realize is that as she sings to them, she is not alone. They are with her, and they have brought her a set of wings. They do not want her to have to climb so far anymore. She has loved them so deeply and given so generously to the world, as mothers often do, that she has earned her wings. She cannot see them, but when she feels that aching need to be with her loved ones who have passed, she can fly with her soul, and meet them beyond the sky. What gives flight to an angel’s wings? Love does. Pure love.

As we pray, we can pray to our loved ones who have crossed over that bridge from the highest mountaintop to the heavens. Many lives, many cycles, we come back to each other. And by loving someone, you are giving to them. In return, they give back to you. This does not end when the body lies down away from the soul. Love is eternal, and will give flight to our wings. Know this: loss does not mean lost, and when you search for those you love, they will always be found.

Sending Love,

Dr Franky Dolan


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MATTED PRINTS - 8x10, 11x14 or 16x20: Sizes indicate the outer measurements of the mat board. The images fit at a proportionate ratio, slightly smaller than the mat board. This allows for keeping the full painting image, as opposed to cropping out part of the image to fit into standard frames.

STAGE 1: This beautiful painting is reproduced onto a premium fine art paper; the same paper that museum and gallery paintings are commonly printed on. The paper is very strong with velvety-soft texture to the touch. The effect is so beautiful and rich. This is not just a simple giclee print on photo paper, the high-end paper and inks are far superior.

STAGE 2: The image is carefully cropped to be as close to the original proportions as possible. It is difficult to give exact image sizes due to the fact that we do not crop out portions for printing.

STAGE 3: We then make it much easier for you, and much more beautiful, by custom-fitting an extra-heavy bright white mat board. We fit the image between a beveled-border mat and a full back mat board. You can easily and seamlessly fit this into any standard frame. Just choose the size you would like to order, and we will fit the image at an ideal proportion.

Remember that every computer screen and every printer will interpret color slightly differently. That said, you can trust that Fae Factory prints are handled with highest quality and highest care, from start to finish. Each art print will be hand signed by Dr Franky Dolan himself.


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All of this art is the culmination of a man who became bedridden and housebound for many years. Hours upon hours were spent alone and painfully ill, leaving the mind with only one option for survival. Franky went into a daily monk-like meditation, every single day for years. Overwhelming visions and messages were so strong, he could barely contain them in his body. So his partner, Randy, brought him paints and clay one day, and said, "create your visions."

With no formal art training, Franky looked down at his hands, and began to sculpt and paint these psychic impressions, all from his bed or even on the floor. From this, they started, and use the sales of the various art creations to support treatment, outreach and advocacy. This art is more than just art; to Randy Ordonio and Dr Franky Dolan, it is life. â€_Thank you for your support, and please, join the mission!

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***All Sales Go Toward Supporting Treatment, Advocacy And Raising Hope For The "Invisible Diseases" Community!***
(Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E., Fibromyalgia, Lyme, POTS etc) -All text and image rights are owned and retained by the artist. © Fae Factory, by Dr Franky Dolan

Materials: spiritual,mixed media,ink,fine art paper,signed,matting,THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE CAUSE

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