"Faeries Found" Antique Pocket Watch Necklace by Dr Franky Dolan

THIS TALISMAN: 'Faeries Found'
...Imagine what fancy objects a faerie might find and hide away for safe keeping. This Fae Factory jewelry art is a diorama of precious findings. In the antique pocket watch case, you will see behind the thin glass; real pearls, large faceted Swarovski button, and other romantic antique jewels and relics. So rare, and so beautiful. Just over 26 inches of beautiful glass pearls, carefully interlinked together in rosary style, conveniently swoop around your neck to complete the look! Due to the length, there is no need for a clasp to fiddle with as you take it on and off. The pendant measures just over 2" x 3". This is one rare treasure that people will compliment and ask you about for years to come! All faerie findings are blessed with protective properties and a kick of mischief. ~True magic and charm that can be worn right around your pretty neck!