"Custom SPIRIT PORTRAIT Painting" by Dr Franky Dolan


Very few people in the world can do this. Dr Franky Dolan is able to create a spiritual portrait in your likeness. He is gifted with highly intuitive abilities as well as a revered artistic talent. He will create your painting as he meditates on colors, shapes and symbols, along with any messages that come through. It is an incredible process, that allows you to see and touch an image of your spirit. This listing is for one person per painting. For multiple people and varying sizes, contact us to work out prices and time. Order for yourself or for a child or adult who would appreciate such a special gift!

The artist is also a master color composer. He layers paints and mediums to allow the piece to emerge and actually change color ever so slightly, depending on the time of day or the angle of light. These are pure magic in person...This listing is for your own custom one-of-a-kind Spirit Portrait!

The photos in this listing serve as an example of the mood and aesthetic of the Spirit Portraits. No two pieces will ever be exactly replicated... Each is a watercolor and ink mixed media creation, that will have custom pure white matting.

Almost any size can be created!

Matting sizes are selected for easy standard frame placement. Each portrait will be slightly smaller than the matting sizes in order to fit within the matting perfectly.

This is a unique special gift for couples, friends and families -and yourself! Each person painted takes an enormous amount of detail and skill, though there is a discount per additional person. Each additional person painted in a painting typically is an additional 75% of the base price for one person. Larger sizes are discounted even further. Please contact us for more details. See drop-down menu for examples.

NOTE: 8X10 matting size will have a 5x7 portrait close up of your face, similar proportions to the main example photo. All larger sizes can include face close-up as well as shoulders and chest area, though it is a natural uninhibited process, allowing spirit to come through as it will.

We typically allot 2-12 weeks, depending on size and overall details requested. If you need it sooner, or have any specific desires, please feel free to let us know.

Select your desired size of matting for your portrait.
Once we are notified of your purchase, we will contact you right away to start the process! It is a lot of fun, and very inspirational to watch this unfold. We will ask you to send us the name of the person to be painted, along with 2 to 10 photos with varying angles. You can send us any stories, thoughts and wishes that you feel would enhance the portrait. Once we have all of the details from you, Dr Franky Dolan will begin his magic, and create your very own Spirit Portrait! ...A legal Certificate of Authenticity will be included with your custom Spirit Portrait as well.