Art Doll Commission Made to Order by Award-Winning Fae Factory Visionary Art Doll Artist Dr Franky Dolan (Original art doll sculpture OOAK)

By Disabled Visionary Artist, Dr Franky Dolan, EdDâ€_

You can commission a Fae Factory art doll! This price is for large clay, wire and metal art doll commissions, which can include; a hand-sculpted, hand-painted face, body, hands and feet/shoes, using the finest non-toxic materials. The clothing and jewels can be chosen from a mixture of antique, vintage or new. We have accumulated an incredible collection of antique silks velvets, laces, metals, jewelry and other materials. The wigs are meticulously hand-created and threaded as well, all done by Dr Franky Dolan himself. At this price, your doll will include hand-sculpted face, hair, arms, hands legs, feet and clothing. *Note: The final photo is of Dr Franky Dolan's doll that was featured in Art Doll Quarterly magazine.

Because many Fae Factory materials are from international vendors (dupioni silk from India, antique lace from France, vintage pearls from Asia etc.) depending on your wishes, the process of creating your doll can vary immensely in time. Dr Dolan puts enormous spirit and love, along with several days upon days of skilled work into creating every single unique doll creation. The average doll can be created in 4 - 8 weeks.

The process of commissioning a doll from Fae Factory is a bit different, and a lot of fun! ...To commission a doll of your own, contact us with a bit of your doll’s story, your doll’s purpose. It can be a purpose of giving love to all, or perhaps her purpose is to comfort and sooth your worries; or maybe just to be a companion to other dolls in your home. Either way, tell us a bit of her (or his!) story, along with certain colors and textiles that you may want included. Dr Dolan will then use his intuitive artistic process to create a custom doll in his Fae factory style... Just for you.

FREE GIFT WRAP: Includes gift box and fabric ribbon bow.
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Each art piece is gift wrapped, accompanied by a care package and filled with information about the artist that you are supporting. All professionally packaged and shipped via Priority mail, for speedy delivery and extra care.

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Every purchase supports an important cause! Instead of just asking for donations for medical treatment and advocacy, we decided to sell this art, and give something beautiful in return. For every purchase in our Fae Factory store, we will give you a couple free 'Give Love' cards, as our way to say THANK YOU for supporting our cause! It's one of the many ways that we continue our mission of putting more love into this wonderful world... SUPPORT A GREAT CAUSE, GIVE GIFTS OF LOVE AND HELP OTHERS, ALL AT ONCE! *Great to use as gift tags as well!
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We can set up payment plans for those who prefer to spread their payments over time. If you have a specific budget in mind for commissions, we can usually find customizations and alterations that will work within your financial scope. Please feel free to let us know your needs. We always say that we have the greatest customers in the world. Those who are called to Fae Factory tend to be deep, intellectual and kind people. We understand the importance of great art, and we will do what we can to bring it to anyone who wishes for some Fae Factory magic. We treat our customers like family! So please, say hello and let us know your thoughts.

All of this art is the culmination of a man who became bedridden and housebound for many years. Hours upon hours were spent alone and painfully ill, leaving the mind with only one option for survival. Franky went into a daily monk-like meditation, every single day for years. Overwhelming visions and messages were so strong, he could barely contain them in his body. So his partner, Randy, brought him paints and clay one day, and said, "create your visions."

With no formal art training, Franky looked down at his hands, and began to sculpt and paint these psychic impressions, all from his bed or even on the floor. From this, they started, and use the sales of the various art creations to support treatment, outreach and advocacy. This art is more than just art; to Randy Ordonio and Dr Franky Dolan, it is life. â€_Thank you for your support, and please, join the mission!

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***All Sales Go Toward Supporting The "Invisible Diseases" Community***
(Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E., Fibromyalgia, Lyme, POTS etc) See the award-winning Fae Factory creations, featured in media and magazines at

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