"Angel On High" 150 year old Storybook Pendant Necklace by Dr Franky Dolan

THIS TALISMAN: 'Angel On High' 150 year old Storybook Pendant
Storybook Pendants are called Storybook because each one tells a story in some way. There may be artistic, symbolic scenery from the sky, a countryside or even characters from legends and myths. You may find small hints of history in the imperfections of every piece. That is what makes this jewelry art so unique, and beautiful. And you get to wear it on your body!

...This story? An angel floats in suspension, as he brings blessings to all who wear this beautiful 2.5" pendant. His wings echo the power of the constellation in the 1800s moon shaped pocket watch movement. This Swarovski crystal-studded seraphic is an enchanted talisman, dangling on a full 20 inches of classic chain. A sterling silver clasp holds this piece together. ~