Terry and Linda Jamison

June 05, 2019

Terry and Linda Jamison

Each year, we at Invisible Diseases honor a select few extraordinary survivors, who go out of their way to raise awareness and hope for others, despite their own suffering. This year, we have selected a very special duo. Terry and Linda Jamison. They are twins who have survived through extreme illness and still made an enormous name for themselves. You see, for those who perhaps may not know, Linda and Terry are psychic, and they have devoted their lives to doing whatever they could to help others who need them. This includes the Invisible Diseases community, among many others. Their worldly success never overshadows their drive to spread love and hope. They truly are incredible human spirits, and they are this year’s recipients of the honorable Invisible Diseases Visible Hero award!

Please join us in honoring these two amazing women! Take a moment and read all about them, in their own words. Be sure to also check out their full bio, web links, best-selling books and televised videos below… (We told you, these women are pretty darn amazing!)



We are so touched and honored to have been chosen to receive this “VISIBLE HEROES” award.

More than 125 million Americans have at least one chronic condition that is not visible, known as “invisible diseases.” What you may not realize is that we have been living with several invisible illnesses all our lives. It has truly been like fighting a war. Here are just a few of the illnesses we have battled since childhood:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Daily Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia, crippling pain
  • Chronic Depression
  • IBS
  • Sjogren’s Syndrome (auto-immune illness)

We have been very open about living with invisible illnesses on TV and our YouTube Channel, and we have written about our ongoing struggle in our books. Cancer was not even close to being our hardest fight. The chronic pain of fibromyalgia and migraines almost killed us. We were in and out of hospitals and an army of doctors gave up on us. Some have said we were the worst case they had ever seen, and others called us “walking miracles.”

What made it even worse, as we tried to raise awareness with our story, we were bullied so badly for speaking out about it publicly. Needless to say, this only increased the stress and pain. If we didn’t have each other, we may have given up many years ago.

For decades, as The Psychic Twins, we have made it our mission to help as many people as possible to discover and develop their own intuitive gifts, and to challenge their fears. To challenge their illness. To stand up to bullying in every form.

In spite of the constant persecution and ridicule, we never gave up. Our intuition became our most important survival tool, and saved our lives many times.

We are proud to be pioneers in a field that is pushing the boundaries of human potential. We don’t do anything unless it’s for the bigger picture: world peace, breakthrough, the empowerment and transformation of others. Our intention is to create a bridge of understanding… to educate, empower, heal, and inspire others to do the same. 

We strive to help others understand the mysterious world of intuition, and create their lives with a new perspective. We try to help people live life more fully and feel more connected to each other and the Universe. Using humor and compassion, our goal is to empower others to discover what is possible on a personal and spiritual level.

It is our heartfelt wish to create a world that is more compassionate and accepting of illness, as well as intuitive gifts. Together, let’s shine a light for all of those suffering in isolation and silence. You are stronger than you know.

You are truly limitless.

Infinite love and gratitude,

Terry and Linda Jamison

The Psychic Twins




The psychic twins predicted the 9/11 World Trade Center Terror Attacks, Boston Marathon Bombings, Paris, Belgium, London, Las Vegas and Orlando Florida Terror Attacks.

Terry and Linda Jamison, known internationally as The Psychic Twins, are the most documented psychics in history, with an unrivaled track record of over 3,000 accurate world predictions. They are most famous for their stunning predictions of the 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attacks and the Pentagon attacks of 2001 (on the international radio show Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM, November 2, 1999). They are also the only people who predicted the England and Paris terror attacks, Las Vegas mass shooting, Belgium attacks, Boston Marathon bombings, the Orlando Florida terror attacks, as well Barcelona, and the rise of ISIS. 

With twenty-five years as professional psychic mediums, identical twins Terry and Linda Jamison have shocked audiences across the world with their eerily accurate predictions including JFK Jr.’s death in a small plane and countless other astonishing events. The Psychic Twins foretold the Lufthansa Germanwings Airline crash on 1/11/15 that happened two months later on Beyond the Gate Radio, in exact detail. They predicted monster hurricanes Sandy, Isaac and Irene, Harvey, Irma and Maria. They also predicted the Newtown and Houston school shootings, the Denver Colorado “Dark Knight” massacre, the record flooding of 2012 and 2017, the deadly tornadoes of 2011 and 2013, and massive earthquakes since 1999. In 2014, the twins predicted the Sony cyberattack by North Korea, the biggest cyberhack in history. They also accurately predicted the May 2000 stock market crash on Coast to Coast AM, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win in 2016, and all 2009 Oscar winners on The Tyra Banks Show.

The Psychic Twins are the authors of four bestselling books: YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID, DIED TOO YOUNG, world #1 bestseller PSYCHIC INTELLIGENCE (Hachette), and their autobiography SEPARATED AT EARTH: THE STORY OF THE PSYCHIC TWINS, which describes the sisters’ amazing life journey, and how they developed their highly unusual work. 

Terry and Linda have hundreds of appearances to their credit on international TV and radio, including ABC NIGHTLINE BEYOND BELIEF, THE VIEW (ABC), GOOD MORNING AMERICA (ABC), OPRAH’S OWN NETWORK, TYRA SHOW, THE INSIDER (CBS), THE UNEXPLAINED, DR. KEITH ABLOW, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, TODAY SHOW, and SUNRISE AUSTRALIA. They have starred in sixteen documentary films, including YAHOO UNFILTERED “THE PSYCHIC TWINS,” (2018), PSYCHIC CHILDREN (A&E), EXTREME TWINS, THE WORLD’S MOST IDENTICAL TWINS, and HOLLYWOOD GHOST STORIES. Terry and Linda were featured in FUJI TV series “THE MYSTERY” which aired in 2016 all over Japan.

YouTube superstar Shane Dawson helped Terry and Linda start their YouTube channel ‘THE PSYCHIC TWINS.’ They smashed YouTube’s record on day one, and became THE FASTEST-GROWING DEBUT YOUTUBE CHANNEL IN HISTORY (launched December 1, 2015). TEEN VOGUE called The Psychic Twins “The Top YouTube Channel to Watch in 2016.” The Twins’ YouTube channel now has 790,000 subscribers.

Only official website: www.psychictwins.com










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