Elizabeth D'Angelo

June 05, 2017

Elizabeth D'Angelo

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We have another incomparable artist, who creates stunning artworks amidst her great suffering.

Elizabeth D’Angelo

Elizabeth D’Angelo - Love Warrior Visionary, painter of magic, healer of hearts, and spreader of hope - channels her creativity by maintaining an openness to play. While fighting an illness that has bound her almost entirely to her bed and bedroom for the last seven years, she transcends all boundaries by painting what she sees in flashes of insight. These flashes come in the form of playful curiosity. She says, “I am an adventurer with my heart. Where I can’t go with my legs, I go with my brush.”

She was at the precipice of world travel - planning trips to teach and make art in Uganda, Chile, Ireland and Bali, when her body started to shut down. She moved to Florida to heal and found herself becoming ever increasingly more ill.

“I am planning a Love Warrior Revolution. As a love warrior, I promote the fostering of courage to look at our fears and cradle them in love. My deepest fear is to stay here, trapped in this bedroom, but my God given purpose is clear: Teach Love - as far and wide as I can reach. So, I plan to baby step my way out of this illness one moment at a time - with courage, curiosity, humor, honesty, hope, wisdom, creativity, awareness and perseverance. Once I am freed, I plan to travel to you, connect with you and light your heart ablaze. Get ready!”

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